Starting from today, directly in our hotel, you can rent an electric bike for your rides and business appointments.
The e-bike are easy to drive and increase the pleasure to ride a bike, thanks the electric pulsion of the assisted pedal. The rent is available from Monday to Saturday, Sundays on request.



I’ve never driven an e-bike. Is that difficult?
To drive an e-bike is super easy, just like to drive a traditional bicycle. The only difference is that the normal pedal is assisted thanks to an electric engine.

Is there an age limit to drive an e-bike?
Yes. To drive an e-bike is necessary being at least 16 years old.

What is the autonomy of an e-bike?
Our e-bike for rent can work from 60km to 80km.

Helmet, padlock…?
The padlock is always included in the rent, the helmet has a little extra cost, automatically calculated according to the rent’s days. (in Italy to wear a helmet is not mandatory to drive an e-bike). All the bike are equipped with security lights.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information filling this form.